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Sacramento Sports Center Baseball offers individual and team instruction by professional and college coaches. Here at SSC, we provide the opportunities to assist baseball players of all abilities to achieve their baseball dreams

Dedicated Training


Our training staff is dedicated to providing athletes of all ages and capabilities with the skills to take their games to the next level. Whether you’re playing youth baseball for the first time or you plan to play baseball in college, our training staff can help you reach your potential

My son, Jeffery, joined SSC this past Summer and I was a bit nervous at first as he was already established with another team.  But both he and I are so happy he took this chance, This has by far been the most rewarding time he’s had so far in baseball. The coaching staff is amazing, hard working, knowledgeable, and push Jeffery to his full potential. This program has given my son so much opportunity to grow, learn, and train. I can’t wait to see where they take him next, and to be a part of all of it again next Summer! Proud to be a part of the SSC family!!!

Rickie Holley

Mom, Sacramento

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